• Meet the potential client in person

  • Find out in detail what they are looking for

  • Get in touch with their mortgage broker or refer them one and find out the specifics of their approval. Make sure they are pre-approved prior to beginning the home search.

  • Find out the client’s schedule and arrange showings accordingly. Do not send emails instead show in person to the client.


Initial Meeting

  • In-depth search of properties for the client. Show a few properties that are the best fit 3-4 homes. Show the client the least desirable property first to the most desirable last.

  • Your knowledge on the subject properties should include

  1. Knowledge of the area (geographically, schools, amenities, public transportation, rental rates)

  2. Property information: Find out the lot size, zoning bylaws, measurements (frontage & depth), home size, age, heating system, property taxes, bedrooms/bathrooms, etc.

  3. Recent sales and activity in the neighbourhood, discuss this while showing the properties.

  • Upon showing each property discuss pros and cons to determine the client’s needs.

  • During the showing stage your goal is to determine with your client which property is the best fit for them to write up an offer on (if your clients needs are not met re-evaluate client and there needs)



  • If the clients were not satisfied with the listings shown to them, you should have a better understanding of what their criteria is and conduct a more refined search. 

  • If they are ready to put in an offer ensure you collect the necessary items for completing a CPS (Contract of Purchase and Sale). These include Drivers License copies, Bank Account information (now required for deposit), emails, etc. See checklist below


Follow up With Clients & Realtors

  1. Email Address for each buyer 

  2. Purchase Price 

  3. Deposit Amount 

  4. Where Deposit is going (direct or brokerage) 

  5. Subjects and Conditions 

  6. Completion/Possession/Adjustments Date 

  7. Review Items Included as well as excluded 

  8. Time for Offer Acceptance 

  9. Drivers License copies 

  10. Occupations (position) and Organization name