• Prepare an accurate CMA & Listing Presentation (available at PPG)

  • CMA should be composed of 3 active listings and 3 sold, if applicable you may add expired listings. When searching recent sold properties start with the past 30 days, if nothing is available you may go up to 6 months back. This is because market value fluctuates and older solds may not reflect todays value.

  • Analyze the seller’s property (purchase price and date of purchase) and area (geographically, schools, amenities, public transportation, rental rates)


Preparing for the Listing Appointment

  • Upon meeting client establish rapport

  • Walkthrough of the home

  1. Pay attention to details of the home (selling features, negatives)

  2. Ask if any additions were made

  3. Find out about rental suites and if they are authorized

  4. As you walk through the home see if your CMA’s listing price is applicable

  • Present the CMA and ensure you know enough to review it with the Seller.

  • Review Listing Presentation (ensure you know exactly what we offer the Seller)

  • Discuss the time needed to do photography, videography, staging, or remodeling. This is a good way to pull your client into a listing agreement during the meeting.

  • Listing price will most likely be the deciding factor, do not overprice the listing. Refer to the CMA’s highest sale and listing price should be similar. Also find out their bottom line price as well as if they are willing to do price reductions if it sits on the market.


Initial Meeting

  • Invitations to the neighbourhood for the open house (use PPG Script)

  • Prepare for open house

  1. Sign-in sheets

  2. Business cards

  3. Open House signs + arrows

  4. Brochures

  5. Refreshments

  • Follow up with each person (not represented by a Realtor) to receive feedback on the property.

  • Once regular showings begin keep to the same process but follow up with the Realtor or Direct-Client on the same day of showing for feedback. Ensure you keep the list of all the potential buyers incase there are price reductions or significant changes.


Post Listing Agreement